Wednesday, November 19, 2014

bears and babies...

 Do you get tired or seeing the same old same old here?   Im deep in over my head almost in bear making.  Ive finished all of these over the last few weeks.   thats three  single orders in the first pic.

 These 6 bears were made for my mother in law who lost her brother this year.

 These three were made for a woman whos husband died a couple years ago.  He happened to be the director of social services where I work.  

 And this giant order went to Jane Palmer a bloggy facebook friend!   I have a bunch more orders to do.  a young mother 36 years old died unexpectedly a few weeks ago leaving behind 5 children.  sooo sad!   and 2 orders of 4 and another order of 5!  Plus 18 santa/elf ornaments.  so Im not sure if I'll get to do any christmas crafting!  Not complaining though.  Im thankful for the orders and the exposure. 

 so, I know you already saw the base pics for these photos.. but Im addicted to picmonkey and had to play there a little bit!  

 arent they sweet? 

 oh...  I can never leave anything alone.. everything gets dressed up and decorated!  LOL!

I do soooo ADORE all my little grandpies!

Ok then.. I shall be off... gotta go sew for an hour before I leave for work..  
but just one more thing...     
we have been very lucky the past couple days, because while our neighbors, some starting at only 15 miles south and also to the south west are getting slammed with 70 plus inches of snow and are in states of emergency.. we have not gotten any.....

Our turn will come for sure at some point.  I feel bad for all the people who are stranded on the thruways..   it is seriously a disaster and I am praying for all those stranded people.  I just can not imagine being stranded like that!
let me just say I am sooooooo grateful that we were spared!
Happy Wedesday my bloggy pies!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

These crack me up!

 fun times at target!
 violet is freaken hysterical!
Torry didnt really want to cooperate.. but we bribed him.. (well his mother did!)  Not that I wouldnt have.. because I have been known to resort to that!
lol!  I LOVE these pictures!
lol..  I cant stop looking at them!
have a great week!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

thursday morning rushing around.

 good morning good morning good morning!     eating and bear making.. and of course computer time.. up at 5:00, dont have to leave until 8:30... plenty of time that I putter and play in and then...always at the last minute Im in a rush!   I have 40 minutes to fit in all the things I didnt do yet, like shower, iron, feed the cats and the bird.. pack a lunch. pack up a bear to work on on lunch..  lol! take something out of the freezer..   etc...  
but just wanted to pop in for a quick hello!  Frannies saying hello too by the way.  Figgys too busy chasing a toy around.  
so  many bears to make still.....    but I will get them done!  have a great thursday girls!
uhg.. Im on call starting tomorrow for a week of CPS..  Hope its manageable so I can get a good chunk of these orders done!  
happy day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

home today.. thanksgiving planning...

 oh that darn condition I have..   "Hyperdecorphilia"!  Im forever grateful to my cousin Paul for diagnosing me.   At least I know whats wrong with me! lol!    Really I only have one bin of decorations for thanksgiving.  this is just some.  most of these are in the living room except for one towards the bottom which is over the kitchen sink.  
 Anyways.. I have thanksgiving on the brain.  as it happens with every holiday, birthday ,  day.. you know me.. every freaking thing becomes a big event! LOL!  I wish I was joking.  Well, maybe its not really a bad thing.  I just try to make everything a little more fun.  right?  I just get that old obsessive thinking going on and then everything takes steps towards over the top!  
 So as it is with Thanksgiving..   Im flipping back and forth between keeping it simple..   or going all out..   Im not sure I know how to keep it simple.   What does that even look like?   I have visions of   macys thanksgiving day parade in the morning, with the lovely smell of turkey roasting wafting through the house.  Tables beautifully set up with cute little turkey napkin ring and cute little place cards.  Glasses of wine,  great appetizers and everything you could possibly want for dinner and then all kinds of pies.  Followed with fun family time, maybe a little game playing...   little grand kids dressed in their cutest little outfits.   
 Doesnt that all sound great?  but it does require a lot of work to pull off..   its just not a simple task.  Well you all know that.     so what would simple look like?  cooking all the food and putting it out on the counter and letting everyone get a plate and plop somewhere to eat it?  Just the regular old turkey and stuffing and stuff.. nothing above and beyond?    no special appetizers.. no extra goodies..?     no table decorations?  hmmm..   I dont think I can do it.   I think I have to go a little overboard.  
 After all its all for the people I love most in this world and I like to make everything a little extra special for them.   I do think that last year I said.. lets just go out to eat next year!  lol...   that is not something I would even consider doing ...  but Im thinking about the time Im trying to clean up after thanksgiving dinner this year, that those words will probably come out of my mouth again! LOL!

So today is Veterans day.  and I am sooo grateful for them.  the freedoms we have here are amazing.  I cant imagine life any other way.  we are blessed!
And because its Veterans day, I have today off.  And, I am fighting the urge to go running around shopping and looking at stuff I dont need.    What I need to do is stay home and work on bears.  I have 8 bear orders totally another 24 bears to get done.  Plus 18 start ornaments..   I really want to have everything done by the end of the month.  it is possible..   it I would stay home and off the computer.. and stay focused!    ha! but here I sit ..
but not for long..
I will stay home today.. I will stay home today..  I will stay home today.... yes I will yes I will yes I will!
well, but i do have to go to the store to get some italian sausage to put in the spagetti that Im going to make for dinner.. 
Okeedokie girls.. Im outta here for now!
have a great day!
oh..   heres a few pics of this weekends birthday boys and girl!
Violet turned 1
Carson turned 15!
And my youngest, little robby roni, turned 26!
amazing, I had my last baby 26 years ago!
happy day everyone!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

always happy for the weekend!

Well, I managed to get halloween put away and thanksgiving out.  The county has off on election day, so its a good day to take halloween down.  I actually started at 5:00 am and had all of it packed up and back upstairs  before noon.  then I brought down my one bin of thanksgiving and it took me the rest of the day to put it out and get it just right...    oh that darn sickness...  hyperdecorphilia!  lol!
IN other news..  Yesterday was Violet Eloise's first birthday  and today is her party.  She is sooo stinking cute.  I really can hardly contain myself around her!  (or any of my pies for that matter.)
 I just have to say that Im totally impressed by all of my children and their spouses and significants and the way they take care of their babies!  they are all really good parents.  Im so grateful for that.  Im probably more aware of it due to my job where I see piss poor parenting every single day..   So I know and appreciate good parents when I see them! Anyways my babies are really good parents to my grand pies..  I am so thankful for that.  which brings me to these two pictures..   What a wonderful glorious way to greet my little violet when she woke up on her first birthday!!  with birthday morning balloons!!  
How exciting for her!  
looking forward to her party today.. 
camera battery is charging... all my grandpies and family will be there..
tomorrow is Carsons birthday gathering (step grandson)  so a busy weekend.
and inbetween all the partying.. I have a couple dozen more bears to make..  but I did finally get Janes bears finished and in the mail and she has received them and loves them all. 
woo.. that was a big order! but they did turn out cute.

have a great day everybody!