Wednesday, March 4, 2015

easter partners

Good Morning bloggy peeps!  Happy wednesday!  I think its supposed to be sort of warm out today.. like 30ish!  it snowed, sleeted, and rained yesterday.. its almost spring!  and almost easter!  
So I started my easter decorating.  hopefully will be finished by the weekend.    I have become fat, lazy and tired this winter.   everything seems to take me way longer then it used too! lol !    well seriously not funny.. I really need to make some healthy changes.... now.  but I just ate two brown sugar pop tarts and a glass of carnation instant breakfast.  In about an hour I'll be complaining that I have a tummy ache.   I am my own worst enemy some days  (Most days!)! YIKEs!
Anyways... about the easter basket swap...   I just want to post partners here.  I do think I contacted everyone by email or directly to their blogs last night.  but here is the list:

Kelly  and Catie

There were two others interested.  One I was totally unable to contact and one that does not have a blog.    If anyone else is interested I will hook you up with Anna, who does not blog, but would love to join in.  I feel horrible leaving anyone out, but for those of you that read blogs but dont have one, if youre wanting to join into swaps, you should start a blog.  Or if your active on facebook.. that works too in most cases.  We like to swap with people we can see and get to know through blogging.  Its fun to blog and its fun to go to a new blog and meet someone new and to get a little picture of where they live and what their life is like.  
And its hard to have a partner that you cant access on a blog.    ok.. 
with that said..
have fun.. create something awesome for your partner.  remember its a little basket swap, decorate or make a little basket and fill it with eastery  fun!
You know my rules .. make it special, make it extra cute, make it so you dont want to part with it. 
Think bunnies, chickies and lambs!  
and be ready to mail out by march 25th!
Oh!  and be sure to take pics of what you send and receive and be sure to post them on your blogs so we can all see .
thats all for now girls..  now its hi ho hi ho...
off to work I go!
happy wednesday!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anyone up for an EASTER SWAP?

Good morning  bloggy pies!
so, a few of you have asked me to host an Easter swap and if we're going to do it, I guess we should get it started now. 
Easter is only a little over a month away.
So lets do a miniature basket swap.  you can either make a little basket or buy one.. you could decorate a berry basket or a little box or what ever little creative thing you can think of.  I would say keep it small.  not much bigger then a quart size berry basket.  Then fill it with some fun little Eastery things, trinkets or  figures. maybe a little candy.. perhaps an Easter ornament.    You know my rules.. make is special.. make it extra cute.. make it so you don't want to part with it. Think bunnies, chickies, and lambs.   Everyone did a pretty good job for the valentine swap with the cuteness factor...  so lets do it again!
sign ups will go now through through the 3rd.  I'll announce partners a day or so after that.  Then the mail out day will be march 25th.
easter train 7
 Okeedokie?    we would all love to receive a sweet little basket of springy, eastery, cheerfulness  in the mail wouldn't we? So hop on board the Easter parade train!  (oh good grief that is so corny... )
sign ups start now!  You need to have an active blog or be known by me to join in.  Leave a message here, but please also email me at vivianneroni@yahoo  with SWAP for the subject.   
that's all for now folks!  happy Thursday!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

yesterdays creation..

 This little piggy ...

 went.. "wee wee weeeeee"

 and "Oinkity Oink Oink"

 and Please "be kind"

..............all the way home................ 
Happy sunday blogpies!  
I'm off to see the broadway show of Chicago today.
and OInk oink
and toodlelou!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter whine!

oy vey....  I know I'm not the only one tired of this stuff..  I suppose I probably feel this way every year about this time...   Though this winter seems worse then last year.. more snow and definitely way colder.    Tony had to go up and knock the icicles down around the house and shovel snow off the roof.  Our front porch has needed to be torn off and rebuilt for a couple years, but I'm thinking this will probably have to be the year it finally gets done.  It isn't handling the winters well anymore.  
(neither am I ! lol!)
I know spring will come.  the count down is only 30 days.. but we all know in my corner of the world that it'll be April before she really arrives.  That's ok.. I can deal with that at least I know we're getting closer.  I'm not a big fan of the first few weeks of spring either if I'm honest.  I dread when all this snow melts and every thing is smelly and muddy.  but gotta get through that to get to the good stuff!    warm sunny days...  windows and doors open.... flowers... green leafy trees.....beach days.... bike riding..   
I keep saying that Ive lived through 53 winters, I should be used to them by now!!  lol!!  oh I suppose I am used to them.  I just don't like them as much.  I'm starting to understand why so many older people go south in the winter. 
OK.. that's my winter whine...   I promise tomorrow I'll be back with something much more upbeat.   for now I'm off to have a repeat of yesterdays breakfast...
this is yesterdays picture.. but it deserves a repeat today. It did make me happy yesterday, it was like tasting sunshine!  I hope today's tastes as good!   I'm trying to lose one million pounds ... so I'll be eating a lot of grapefruit!  LOL!
have a great day bloggy pies!  
Stay warm if your someplace cold 
and cool if you're someplace hot!  lol!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Be Happy!

So I have this magical little case!  I bought the case at a yard sale a bunch of years ago and covered and embellished it inside and out.   except that in these pics you cant see the bottom because of the fabrics.  Its cute though.  but not 3 dimensional like the inside top.

All these things are attached to the lid.  The bears and monkey are pinned or tied in so they can come out if I want them too.  But they dont need to come out.. omg.. I have hundreds of little freak'n bears around this house... these ones arent that cute and can stay in the box!

 Anyways, I keep miniature mohair and other little upolstery fabrics in it for making miniature bears and animals.  So when the box comes out, you know I'll be making something small!    

Of course I always have helpers for any of my crafting endeavors!  one on my lap...
and one in the case...    Arent they soooo stinking cute!

their birthdays are coming up both were born in March.  One is a week older then the other, but I have no clue which one!   (bad kitty mommy doesnt know their real birthdays!)  lol
They will be 6 this year.  Some of you might remember when I got them.  They were soooo stinking cute! 

anyways.. just had to throw that pic in! 
 So back to what I was telling you about..They are very helpful! 
lol... actually sometimes they are in the way... but I dont tell them that... well thats a lie, I do tell them that.. but then they look at me with those freak'n sweet little faces and Im like.. ok.. just dont lay on any needles.
 So we worked the day away on saturday  and ended up with a cute little Elephant!  Here is Frannie showing off the finished product!  lol 

 I think Ive decided to make several more little BE creations.. be happy, be kind, be thankful...well, we'll see.  at least thats in the back of my mind for now.   I might start out with a mouse or something with bunny ears with a sign that says "Be the Easter bunny!"  lol.. because it is time to start creating easter stuff!

I have a bunch of bear orders to work on, so I probably wont be making anything special for a couple weeks.  
The rest of the weekend was pretty laid back.  I did nothing on sunday and yesterday I had Violet and Torry for the day.. and they wore me out!  
for now... Im off to get ready for work.  Im not looking forward to going outside this morning!  Its been just brutally cold here.  and not really supposed to warm up much for a while.

but thats ok.. because I will take the advice of my little friend and chose to "be Happy"  lol!  at least for this moment! lol!     OK.. gotta go!  have a great day my friends!
Be Happy!