Saturday, January 31, 2015

welcome little Scarlett!

 welcome to the world!   welcome to my world!  welcome to your world!  welcome new little baby pie!
You are Neroni princess number 4!  you are grandpie number 5!
 You have a big sister.. who is gonna love you to pieces!    watch your nose and eyes.. shes into those things right now!  and shes really into kisses... so youre sure to get lots from her!  and lots more from the rest of us!
You bring the total count for grammies family to the magical number of 17!   but I have not doubt that you are not the last...  sometime I expect there will be a couple more. 
 But for now... you are the center attraction!  you cute sweet little adorable princess girl!  
Scarlett Rose!  8 '14.. 20 1/2 inches.. born on your mommys birthday.. and now your own as well, 1/30 at 10:27 am.
This grammie pie and your sweet sissy... LOVE you love you love you!  and cant wait to see you again today!  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

 Good morning bloggy pals!  happy Wednesday.  Only two more days til my (our) new baby Scarlet arrives..  I really am so excited!  Plus, Vanessa's mother and I are sharing Violet for the weekend and Im also very excited about that.  Just need to get through the next two days at work, lots to do there to get caught up.  I have been  a bit overwhelmed at work lately and its hard to stay on top of all those cases.   I dont usually talk about work here.. but let me just say there are some really Messed up people out there that are doing a good job of messing up their kids.....    end of subject...
 Ive been working on some little Valentine projects for my swap partner and a few extra little things that need to go in the mail this weekend as well. I have a couple more things to finish up over the next few days, then I am feeling the need to make myself a little something special.. .  dont know what yet as there are several little things dancing around in my head.
Ive also been puttering around with two bear orders.. I probably should finish those tonight. I want then to go in this weekends mail also.   I suppose I could be working on those now, rather then being on the computer!  I havent been very productive in the evenings lately..   It seems I get home from work and Im too drained from the day to hang out in my craft room!!  I feel sort of lazy...and I dont really like that.  I think its just the winter weather.  I cant wait for spring and warm weather.  I cant wait for warm sunny beach days. ...really... cant... wait...!
We were not in the path of the winter storm that hit new england.  we got a little bit of snow, but nothing unusual.  We're used to snow here.  I dont want to jinx us, but its actually been a fairly mild winter in the snow dept. for us......    lets keep it that way.   lol!
anyways my friends..   I better get a move on.  I think I'll work on those bears for an hour before I have to get ready for work.  
Happy Day Girlie Pies!

Friday, January 23, 2015

face book and friday!

AHHHH!!!!  Its Friday!  you know I love my Fridays...   I actually appreciate every day of the week.. but you know those Fridays are just a little more special, you know, being followed by the weekend and all! lol! 
This past week I took part in an Art Chain on face book.  My friend Marlene asked me to join in.  I was supposed to show some sort of art each day.  These are the pics I posted.   I think it would be easier to do something like that on blogger because you could easily link to the people you nominate or that others nominate.  On face book, you cant always see the others if you're not "friends" with them.  So, I missed a lot of what the others did.  
Anyways.. I thought I'd show you all what I posted on face book.. though, some of you may have seen them on face book already if you play there.   These are the pics I posted this week. It was really hard to decide which photos to choose!  Ive made sooo much stuff over the years and I feel like Ive shown it all already.  You've all probably seen all these things before.. with the exception of these miniature bears in punch needle bags.   I made them about 10 years ago.  I did a set for each month one year. I really like doing punch needle..   maybe I'll start a new punch needle project soon!  You can see individual pics of each of the bears on my flickr if you want to see them.  I just took new pics and posted them there.
So what is everyone up to this weekend?  I'll be finishing up my Valentine swap stuff for my partner Susie and doing some shopping on Saturday.  Then Sunday, I'm having Vanessa's birthday get together here. Providing she doesn't have the baby before hand! I hope she waits til after dinner Sunday! lol!  She is scheduled for a C-section on next Friday.. so I know that by next Friday I will have a new grand daughter!  woohoo!!  you know how much I love my babies!  this new little pies name will be Scarlet Rose ♥

We're going to have homemade veggie beef soup, homemade bread, salad and carrot cake for Nessa's birthday dinner..  I'm glad she choose Carrot cake!  I cant wait to eat it! lol!  then.. on Monday... this fat girl has got to start eating healthy and losing some weight!  not a lot of weight!  lol.. I say lol.. but really its not so funny!
santa baby 
I hope everyone is having fun working on valentines goodies! ! Ive been puttering.. but plan on really playing tonight and tomorrow!  
Happy Weekend Girlfriends!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

crafting ... with help...

 Finally Im getting a little bit of time to do some Valentine crafting this morning.  I have a little bit of help..  Arent they stinking precious?   I seem to be in a fog...   not for a lack of inspiration.. but maybe from too much.  I dont know where to start or what to make!  so I just started cutting stuff up.. and we'll see what comes out of it all.

 I went shopping yesterday for craft supplies and really I didnt find anything that got me excited!  that sucks..  so I bought no craft supplies. I did pick up enough other unneeded stuff though! lol!   and some needed goodies to tuck into my package for my valentine swap partner! 

I really need a trip to Buffalo stamps.  they always have the best papers and supplies. but I cant just make a quick run there. It takes half a day to go up there and back  I live in the middle of nowhere..  an hour from rochester, and hour from Buffalo.   but.. I am feeling the pull to go!  maybe tomorrow.  

 Today we have a birthday party to go to for our beautiful red head, Ella.   But not til 2:00, so I have lots of time to play before then.   If I could just stay focused on one thing...    Im feeling so scattered lately.. or, maybe thats nothing new.   lol!  I am a scattered brained person..  I do think its getting worse though.   

OK.. back to the craft table, otherwise, I need to do lastnights dinner dishes..  (I had ice cream, he had sandwhiches.. so theres not really many dishes.)  
have a great sunday and hopefully you have tomorrow off too!  I do! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

thank you!

for cover

Thanks to Oliva!  she saved the day when I suddenly needed a new swapper.  I knew someone would jump in.  so many creative and fun girls out there in blogland!
soo.. lets see.. whats been going on around here this week.. oh.. yeah.. I know,  I hate to admit this, but I am sick again!  Again, I say.. Again!  whats up with that?   I think Ive been sick 5 times with nasty colds in the last few months.  Ive got to start eating more fruits and veggies!   
Spring just needs to come, theres too many sick people!    I Gotta be well... got a new baby coming anyday now! 
Soon Nessa and Tony will have another little girl!  they had a little false alarm the night before last..   so I spent the night with violet.. she is a freak'n hoot.  funny and so smart! 
but no baby yet..    
 I love me some grandpies!!
Okeedokie.. I guess I should get ready for work...  looking forward to a three day weekend of valentine crafting!  
happy thursday girls!